Haruki Yukimura

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Yukimura (雪村) family name, Haruki (春樹) first name, (1948-2016)

Haruki Yukimura

Although originally involved in bondage as an AV director, Yukimura began to bind the models and perform in order to bring out the dynamic beauty of women in the process of tying. As an extension of this activity, he began to put more emphasis on the dynamics of the tying process, communication with the recipient, and to develop his own style.


Kinbakushi, AV director, Video producer, Photographer.

Alternate Name(s)

雪村春樹(Japanese), Tianjin Hiroshi, Amatsuhiroshi


1948: born in Nishinomiya, Hyogo Prefecture on May 11.

1982: began working for S & M Sniper.

1984: produced and starred in 'Wide You' (MBS), and "Adult Lullaby" (Sun TV).

1986(c): first published works with the name Haruki Yukimura.

1987: founded TV production coverage newspaper.

1988: started AV production in Tokyo.

1989: directed 'World of Flaming Rope - Mino MuraAkira' (Cinemagic) and "Nice Do not etch?" starring Azumino Mari (VIP Enterprise).

1990/1: 'Bondage Fantasy series' (Taiyotosho).

1992: started producing independent videos.

1993: released Sunset colour "Rope Service" from the "Rope Torture" series.

1994: started the live recorded 'Y's PLAY BONDAGE' video series at Shinjuku Golden Gai theatre.

1995: S & M Sniper August issue 'Rope Service is Life' starring Sayaka.

1996: Oct. Started the series 'Wandering Kinbaku' in SM Mania.

1997: S & M Sniper July issue 'Utata Kano itsu'.

1997: July 20. Y's Play Bondage at Tanaka studio at B1.

1997: S & M Sniper October issue 'Ultimate Bondage Beauty Inside'.

1998: 'Bondage of Trans Body Bondage- Yukimura Haruki'. (Wailea publication) Junko Takahashi

1998: Started 20 series run with S & M Sniper October issue 'Forbidden Eros - KINBAKU NIPPON' starring Sayaka. Photography Katsumi Oka.

1999: May 21. 'Do Let's talk soon about SM' presents 'Jomon' presentation & live shows.[1]

2007: Oct 18. 'Y's PLAY BONDAGE stage12' Shinjuku Golden Gai theatre.

2000: Haruki Yukimura's son Keisuke Higurashi begins working for S & M Sniper.

2012: Mar. WEB Sniper 'Yukimura Haruki FLASH bondage gravure - Modern mature mating'

2012: Aug 20-24. teaches at Copenhagen Osada Steve dojo, organised by Yuki-cho Max.

2012: Nov 4. Saikicks bondage photo session organizer at Studio ab. Model: Nozomi Hazuki, photography Saikicks.

2012: Dec 12-19. teaches at Master K's seminars in Los Angeles.

2013: Jan 27. Roppongi Club bondage photo session with Mizuki Nao.

2013: May 19. Roppongi Club bondage photo session with Ryo Tsujimoto.

2013: Jul 27. Roppongi Club bondage photo session with Yoshiizumi Saki.

2013: Sep 29. Roppongi Club bondage photo session with Sakura Sena.

2013: Oct 27. Roppongi Club bondage photo session with Sakurachizuru.

2013: Dec 1. Roppongi Club bondage photo session with Irodori-jo Yurina.

2014: Jan 26. Roppongi Club bondage photo session with Sumire.

2014: Mar 12-25. Australia tour workshops in Sydney (hosted by Hebari) and Melbourne (hosted by Scott).

2014: Apr 20. Roppongi Club bondage photo session with Kai Miharu.

2016: Mar 3. Passed away.

Selected Works

Type 1

  • Haruki Yumimura's How-to-Tie Course ~Enjoy with Love and Affection~『雪村春樹の縛り方講座 ~情愛縛りで楽しむ~』(ワイズ, 2014)(NNK-007, Distributor: Van Associates)
  • Yukimura Haruki's Petit Rope Course - Intro to How to Tie with your girlfriend『雪村春樹のプチ縄講座彼女としたい縛り方入門』(Taiyo Publishing, 2007)
  • How-to-Tie Course『縛り方講座』in Rope Discipline Special「縄調教スペシャル」in (Yellow Box, 2000)
  • Kinbaku Instruction『緊縛指南』in Kinbaku Private School「緊縛私塾」(Penalty Kick, Raging Company, 2001)


(date based on Tokyo time)

Yukimura-ryu Instructors

First Class Instructors
  • No.001: 2012, Steve_Osada aka 春嶺
  • No.002: 2012, Yukinaga_Max
  • No.003: 2013, Nuit de Tokyo aka 春翔
  • No.004: 2013, Master "K" aka 春虎
  • No.005: 2013, Zetsu aka 春豊
  • No.006: 2014, Scott aka 春輝
  • No.007: 2014, Hebari aka 春武
  • No.008: 2014, Harukumo aka 春蜘
  • No.010: 2014, Murasaki aka 春晏
  • No.011: 2015, Michael Ropeknight
  • No.013: 2016, Eve Himuro aka 春宵
  • No.014: 2016, Ibarako aka 春繭
  • No.015: 2016, Davide La Greca
    • (No. 009 and 012 were not assigned)


  1. Cast: Sugisaku J Taro, Haruki Yukimura, Sayaka, Yoshida Chiho, Saotome Hiromi, MS. Rose, Kataoka Toyo, Kanmuri Kishinshi, Higashi Noboru, Atsuhiko Nakamura, Gorudoman.


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