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Kanna (神凪) first name




Alternate Name(s)

神凪(Japanese), Kanna Akechi, Nawashi Kanna


1972: Born in Asakusa, Tokyo in 1972.

1995(c): Debuts as Shemale.

1998(c): Began BDSM activities as Mistress Kanna with a focus on SM rather than bondage.

2000(c): Begins working at the happening bar Bug as the storekeeper.

2000(c): While working at Bug, meets Denki Akechi and begins studying under him.

2001(c): Regularly holds bondage workshops at Bug.

2002: February 22. Performed with Denki Akechi at the second anniversary party of Bug.

2002: June. Leaves Bug.

2002(c): July. Opens the happening bar Succubus in Ikebukuro, Tokyo.

2003: April. Teaches a series of tutorials in Mania Club articles entitled, "Kanna Style Female Kinbaku Lessons."

2005(c): Succubus is closed.

2006: July 8. Met Kagura and became a partner both officially and privately.

2007(c): Stopped Nawashi activities.

2010: December. Came back to rope. Began performing as Nawashi Kanna again.

2011: October. Kannawakai was established.

2013: August 28. Kaminawakai bondage classes ended.

2016: July 8. Reached 10th anniversary with Kagura.

2018: March Released Japanese Kinbaku Pose Collection that contains 48 patterns selected carefully from Kanna's own countless shibari patterns by Sanwa publisher.

Selected Works

  • Naughty Bondage Anri Hoshizaki (Attackers, 2011) Bondage: Kanna.
  • Attackers 15 Year Anniversary Commemorative Edition - Snake Demon (Attackers, 2012) Bondage: Kanna, Ginji Sagawa, Himuro Eve, Ranki Kazami, Eizo Chiba, Kato Taka, Akira Naka.
  • The Snake And The Ogre Professional Killer (Attackers, 2014) Bondage: Kanna, Ranki Kazami, Akira Naka.
  • Triumphant Return Home Of The Masochist Woman VS 7 Torture Masters (Attackers, 2014) Bondage: Kanna, Eizo Chiba, Himuro Eve, Ranki Kazami, Kato Taka, Ginji Sagawa, Akira Naka.
  • Panty Wedgie Slit (Bermuda, 2016) Bondage: Kanna.
  • Tied-Up, Tortured and Aroused (Bermuda/Mousouzoku, 2016) Bondage: Kanna.
  • Nawashi Kanna: Picture of Hell (10 Year Anniversary) (Bermuda, 2017).

Photo Books
  • You Can Draw Right Now! Kinbaku Pose Collection (Sanwa, 2018) Bondage: Kanna.

  • Kanna Style Female Bondage Lessons Part 1: Hands in Front Tie (Mania Club, April 2003).
  • Kanna Style Female Bondage Lessons Part 8: Tortoise Shell Tie (Mania Club, November 2003).



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