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Tsujimura (辻村) family name, Takashi (隆) first name, (1921-1987)

Takashi Tsujimura

It would not be an exaggeration to say that Takashi Tsujimura established modern Kinbaku Art. Encountering Kitan Club before Toshiyuki Suma, Tsujimura acted as a kinbakushi for virtually the entire run of Kitan Club magazine. He also contributed historical dramas during its pulp magazine period as well as countless articles, stories and reports. He became involved with other gravure magazines around the summer of 1951. When Toshiyuki Suma left Kitan Club in 1953, Tsujimura became Kitan Club's main kinbakushi. He examined classical bondage methods such as hojojutsu, but gradually he specialized in SM play and evolved these methods into modern bondage. Series like "The True Face of Bondage Models" (1955) and "SM Camera Hunt" (1964-1973) earned the support of many readers and established the style of "SM kinbaku as a practice." In 1968, Tsujimura became more involved in the media by serving as a bondage advisor to Teruo Ishii's "History of Tokugawa Female Punishment" and others. Together with Oniroku Dan, he became a driving force in the SM boom of the late 1960s and early 1970s.


Kinbakushi and Writer.

Alternate Name(s)

辻村隆(Japanese), Kanrou Shindo, Takehiko Midori.


1921: Oct. Takashi Tsujimura was born in Sakai.

1920s: Tsujimura remembers that as a 3rd or 4th grade elementary school student, he felt a strangely pleasant feeling being tied to a tree during a game of "cops and robbers"[1].

1937(c): The night before leaving for Manchuria, Tsujimura had his first bondage experience by tying his current lover (and future wife)[1].

1948: Tsujimura encountered Kitan Club magazine while working in a hardware store after his discharge from the military. He adopted the name Kanrou Shindo for his submitted works.

1950: In the December issue of Kitan Club, the name Takashi Tsujimura is credited as author for “Hingou Ichidai Otoko.” p.22

1951: Tsujimura joined Kitan Club around this time and started writing under the name Takashi Tsujimura by the January 1951 issue.

1951: In July, Tsujimura did the photography for nude photos which were published in the January 1952 issue of Kitan Club[2].

1952: Tsujimura tied Ikuko Tachibana experimentally[3] that summer. Later, he tied Tanako Kawabata for real[※ 1].

A portrait of Takashi Tsujimura drawn by Toshiyuki Suma from Kitan Club1953

1953: Tsujimura led "The Readers Roundtable on the Impulse Psychology Related to Mixed Pleasures Accompanying Torment" which appeared on p100 of the January Issue of Kitan Club.

1953: Credited for rope composition in the April and May issues of Kitan Club, with photography by Tetsuzo Tsukamoto.

1956: Tsujimura serialized "Conversational Waste Basket" in Kitan Club magazine from April 1956 to January 1960.

1958: Tsujimura met Shigeru Kayama[4].

1964: "Salon Garakuki" appeared in Kitan Club and ran for 105 episodes, from May 1964 until March 1973[※ 2].

1964: The first episode of "SM Camera Hunt" appeared in the November issue of Kitan Club.

1964: Tsujimura was responsible for the text of "'Sharing our Experiences' - A 'Kitan's Thirty Nine Nights Tales' Round Table Celebration" which appeared on page 170 of the December issue of Kitan Club. Tsujimura, Tetsuzo Tsukamoto, Takashi Shima, Minoru Yoshida, and six fan readers attended the August session.

1965: Tsujimura fell ill with diabetes[5] in May and took time off to recuperate until August.

1968: Tsujimura was the bondage consultant for Teruo Ishii's "History of Tokugawa Female Punishment" (Toei). The circumstances[6] are well-known. Oniroku Dan introduced[7] Tsujimura to Kanji Amao.

1968: Sep 24. Appeared on 11PM[※ 3][8] to promote "The History of Tokugawa Female Punishment" opening on the 28th.

1969: Tsujimura advised the bondage for Teruo Ishii's "Pictures From Tales of Cruel Abnormal Abuse of Genroku Era Women" (Toei), where he himself appeared in the role of a woodcutter. He also continued to advise the bondage for Ishii's "Tokugawa Tattoo Master - Torment Hell."

1969: Oct 28. Tsujimura appeared on 11PM's "Surprising the Marquis De Sade" with Rose Akiyama and Kazuhiko Fukuda[9].

1970: Oct. Provided guidance for the bondage scene in Masahiro Shinoda's "Silence"[※ 4].

1971: Mar. SM Camera Hunt visited Taiwan[※ 5].

1971: Tsujimura was interviewed by Youzou Tanaka for "Sankei Weekly."[※ 6]

1971: Oct. Appeared in Director Sadao Nakashima's "The World of Sexual Perversion" (Toei)[※ 7]. He acted as a government official in director Noribumi Suzuki's "Onsen Mimizu Geisha."

1972: Aug. Tsujimura began publishing the serial story "Enmachou" with the first issue of Oniroku Dan's SM King magazine.

1973: Mar. "SM Camera Hunt" and "Salon Garakuki" ended[※ 8].

1973: The feature article "Nawashi Takashi Tsujimura" appeared in the July special issue of SM King.

1974: The "Enmachou" series came to an end in the May issue of SM King.

1974: Apr. He reports in "Junk Memo" printed on p.236 of the August issue of Kitan Club that he went on a trip to Izu with Mr. Minota and Mr. K of Tokyo, and that he patched things up with Mr. Minota after an uncomfortable one or two year separation[※ 9].

1981(c): Toshiyuki Suma wrote "Mr. Tsujimura has fallen ill with Diabetes"[10]

1987: Takashi Tsujimura died at the age of 66.

Interesting point(s)

  • Tsujimura was active in the center of Nara.
  • Army Transportation Corps (logistical support). (Pleasure trade, rumored by Minomura). In active service for four years.
  • The prevailing opinion is that after the war, Tsujimura worked in a hardware store, in accounting and as a medical laboratory technician, but the details are unknown. There is also a theory that Tsujimura was a school teacher.
  • "The night before he was pulled to war, a secret female admirer said, 'You can do what you like with me.' So he excitedly tied her with a waist cord." And "He couldn't forget the feelings in that moment. Even on the battlefield, he continued to think, 'I want to tie her one more time. I don't want to die in a place like this.'" (Pleasure trade, rumored by Minomura).
  • On page 14 of the May 1965 issue of Kitan Club, Tsujimura acknowledged that Takehiko Midori was his initial pen name. According to him, "Takehiko Midori was my pen name when I first wrote to Kitan Club, and I used it mainly for just period pieces. . . but as I became close to Mr. Minota, I started to use Takashi Tsujimura now for reports, current writings and the lives of models, and finally it has become my favorite nowadays."
  • "I tried some of this and that out of old books of kinbaku techniques[11]."
  • In an interview around 1976, off the subject of tying, Tsujimura replied that he had an interest in "water sports"[1].
  • In the June 1969 Kitan Club issue of "Salon Garakuki" he wrote about his friendship with Seiu Ito, saying, "I had a connection with Ito only in his last few years" and "The old guy was rather frail."

Selected Works

Early Writings
  • Takehiko Midori. "The Mysteries of the Dildo" (Kitan Club July 1952: 96-108. Illustrated by Toshiyuki Suma.)
  • Takashi Tsujimura. "Bread Boom Symposium" (Kitan Club Sep. 1952: 115-122.)
  • Takashi Tsujimura. "Spellbound" (Kitan Club Oct. 1953: 82-85.)
  • Takehiko Midori. "The Early Life of Kichigorou Kinezumi" (Kitan Club Nov. 1953: 74-81. Illustrated by Haruhiko Sanjou.)
  • Takashi Tsujimura. "Spellbound" (Kitan Club Nov. 1953: 106-111.)
  • Takehiko Midori. "Kaikimandarakyou" (Kitan Club Dec. 1953: 125.)
  • Takashi Tsujimura. "Reflections of a Reckless Expert" (Kitan Club April 1954: 122.)
  • Takashi Tsujimura. "Inducing 'Rope Play'" (Kitan Club Dec. 1954: 50-61.)
  • Takehiko Midori. "Tengumatsu Legend 'Nanabake Kozou Shutsugen.'" (Kitan Club Oct. 1955: 146-157. Illustrations by Haruhiko Sanjou.)
  • Takehiko Midori. "Movie Bondage Bits" (Kitan Club April 1956: 81-85.)
  • Takashi Tsujimura. "The Sweet Smell of Gerberas" (Kitan Club March 1958: 28-38.)
  • Takehiko Midori. "Careers of Cruel Picture Painters - Burned Alive's Wife" (Kitan Club Jan. 1961: 100-109.)
  • Takashi Tsujimura. "Kitan's Thirty Nine Night Tales" (Kitan Club Jan. 1961: 220-230.)
  • Takashi Tsujimura. "'Kitan's Thirty Nine Nights' Tales - Night Thirty Two" (Kitan Club Feb. 1964: 56-70.)

Early Bondage Photos

The True Face of a Bondage Model

Related to "Camera Hunt," these reports delved into models' privacy, and led in part to the temporary sales ban of Kitan Club magazine. The series was terminated after three episodes.

SM Camera Hunt

See SM Camera Hunt.

Other Works
  • Takashi Tsujimura. "Torment Photo Journey - Outdoor Bondage Journal" (Kitan Club Sep. 1954). Model: Masako Ibuki
  • Takashi Tsujimura. "Ornamental Woman" (Kitan Club Dec. 1960). About an encounter with Yukiko Rika.
  • Takashi Tsujimura. "Ornamental Bondage Woman" (Kitan Club Dec. 1960: p218). A reunion with Yukiko Rika.
  • Takashi Tsujimura. "Please Torment Me" (Kitan Club May 1961: p68)
  • Takashi Tsujimura. "Eye of the Storm: 'Please Torment Me' Recap" (Kitan Club Nov. 1961)

Takashi Tsujimura Research
  • Yukio Kinubuki. "Investigation: Takashi Tsujimura's Research - 'Takashi Tsujimura as an SM Theorist'" (Kitan Club Feb. 1971: p10)
  • Yukio Kinubuki. "Takashi Tsujimura's Research - 'Takashi Tsujimura as an SM Photo Composer'" (Kitan Club April 1971: p186)
  • Yukio Kinubuki. "Takashi Tsujimura's Research 2 - 'Takashi Tsujimura as an SM Photo Composer'" (Kitan Club May 1971: p190)
  • Garyou Tensei. "SM Play Rules: The Sayings of Takashi Tsujimura" (Kitan Club Oct. 1971: p77)
  • Shigeru Kayama. "From the Old City with Love - Companion Journal with the Rope Magician 'Mr. Takashi Tsujimura' No.2" (Kitan Club Reprints April 1982: p20)

Related Books

Koushi Shimokawa. The Paradise Trade - Historical Accounts of the Post War Period (Chikumashobo, 1998)


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Notes (※)

  1. He admitted in an interview with Shukan Weekly that before meeting Kawabata, he enjoyed tying his wife occasionally.
  2. Tsujimura had written its predecessor, "Conversational Waste Basket," intermittently since January 1956.
  3. Osaka's 11PM was hosted by Giichi Fujimoto.
  4. According to Takashi Tsujimura's January 1971 Kitan Club issue of "Salon Garakuki" (p237), he "received a phone call from Daiei Film Studio," "who wanted him to become an advisor for 'Silence'." "He was introduced to the director, Shinoda," and "he demonstrated for the actors playing constables" "how a constable would capture an early Christian with hayanawa." And in the February issue of "Salon Garakuki" (p234), Tsujimura writes, "production halted due to lack of funding" and "he eventually lost the opportunity to work with actor Shima Iwashita and his people."
  5. According to page 154 of the June issue of Kitan Club, this was with a friend, Mr. Doctor.
  6. According to the May 1971 issue of Kitan Club (p235), he was introduced to Tanaka by Oniroku Dan. It appeared in one of the "Superhuman Series" articles in Sankei Weekly.
  7. His thoughts on going to the theater were published in the January 1972 issue of Kitan Club (p148) and described in the conversation between Tsujimura and Oniroku Dan.
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