Mika Yamazaki

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Yamazaki (山咲) family name, Mika (美花) first name

Mika Yamazaki


Mistress. President of Kanto Sakura Union. Owner of The Queen's Club. President of the Japan SM Association.

Alternate Name(s)



Born in Hokkaido.

1999: Begins SM activity.

2004: Appears in The SM Special, Omiya.

2005: Appears in The Big SM, Omiya.

May 2007, inaugural Kanto Sakura Union.

2008: Launches Ano Planning and Production.

2009: Oct. Re-opens The Queen's Club, Shinjuku.

2012: Jun. Holds Asakusa Hanayashiki dream adult amusement park.[1]

2012: Oct. Holds second Asakusa Hanayashiki dream adult amusement park.[2]

2013: Jun. Becomes Chair of the newly established Japan SM Association.

2013: Ot. 3rd Asakusa Hanayashiki dream adult amusement park.[3]

2014: Apr. Produces ZEUS SM show, Nishi-kawaguchi[4]

2014: Oct. 4th Asakusa Hanayashiki dream adult amusement park.[5]

2014: Nov. Produces "The first time at the SM spirits box office", Nishi-Kawaguchi.[6]

2016: Mar. Charters luxury liner "Calcite" for events.

Selected Works


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