Shikou Shima

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Shikou Shima

Shima(志摩) family name, Shikou(紫光) first name

Alternate Name(s)

志摩紫光 (Japanese), Akito Yamatani (as editor), Go Ijuin (in films)


Shikou Shima's is one of the most recognized names in the world of Japanese SM. Self-described as "The King of SM", Shima has had a career in SM publishing and films stretching back at least three decades. He self-produced a long list of video titles under the Shima Planning label. Prior to this, he appeared in videos under the Musha label. He also worked for U Production (Genji Nakamura's company) in the 1980s. His unorthodox style of shibari has been photographed by Norio Sugiura for print media and he has appeared in several instructional manuals. Shima appeared in Nikkatsu films at the dawning of the age of the video cassette. Once video eclipsed film for low-budget porn, Shima became one of the most prolific producers of SM videotapes, and later DVDs, in Japan. His style tended to be harder than the norm and he was one of the first to introduce needle play. He remains active and has been seen most recently at live bondage events around Tokyo.

Selected Works


  • SM SEX ビギナー編(SM Sex For the Beginner) (Shima Planning, 1988)
  • SM SEX 中級編(SM Sex for the Experienced) (Shima Planning, 1988)
  • SM SEX 上級編(SM Sex for the Advanced Experienced) (Shima Planning, 1988)
  • SMプレイテクニック(SM Play Technique) (Shima Planning, 1990)
  • 縛りのテクニック (Shibari Technique 1) (Shima Planning, 1990)
  • 志摩流女体縛技 (Shima Style Technique for Female Bondage) (Shima Planning, 1990)
  • 縛りのテクニック2 (Shibari Technique 2) (Shima Planning, 1993)
  • Let's Play SM 縛りと責めのテクニック1 (Let's Play SM: Techniques for Shibari and Dominance 1)(Shima Planning, 1994)
  • 縛りと責めのテクニック1 女囚古縛 (Techniques for Shibari and Dominance 1: Classical Shibari for Female Prisoners) (Shima Planning, 1995)
  • 正しい女の縛り方 実践編 (Perfect Shibari Techniques for Female Models) (Shima Planning, 1996)
  • マニアSM 新縛りのテクニック (Maniac SM: New Shibari Technique) (Shima Planning, 1999)
  • 志摩紫光ビギナーシリーズ 女の縛り術 (Shikou Shima's Lessons for the Beginner: Techniques for Women's Bondage) (Shima Planning, 2004)
  • 奥義入門[緊縛編]縄とSEX 呉羽 (Introduction to Secret Technique: Nawa and Sex with Miss Kureha) (Shima Planning, 2004)
  • 志摩流縄縛1 (Shima Style Technique for Rope Bondage) (Shima Planning, 2005)
  • ちょっとだけSMチック入門編 (Introduction to Light SM) (Shima Planning, 2006)
  • 志摩紫光究極の女体調教 (Shikou Shima's Ultimate Dominance of Ladies) (Myway Publishing, 2007)



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