Zukai Hojojutsu

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図解 捕縄術 (Japanese), The Illustrated Art of Rope Capture (English)

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Written by Seiko Fujita. Zukai Hojojutsu is part of a larger series and is an abridged collection of Hojojutsu materials collected by Fujita.

Publication Dates

1964 (written), 1986, 1995.

Publisher(s) and Editor(s)

Author: Seiko Fujita

Editor/Publisher: Yasuyoshi Nishizawa (西澤泰義). 1995 Edition.

Publisher: Meicho Kankokai


Page 72

Zukai Hojojutsu is one of a four-part series of books. Written in 1964, published in 1986.


Sections include:


Fast Binding Techniques (Hayanawa)

Formal Binding Techniques (Honnawa)

Partial list of famous schools with examples


Interesting point(s)

In the intro, Fujita writes that a few hojojutsu applications not included in Zukai Hojojutsu were intended to be covered in a later volume.


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