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Hebari is an Australian based rope bondage artist.



Alternate Name(s)

Hebari (Japanese), David Taylor, Haru Isamu (Yukimura Ryu Student name).


1975: Nov 1. Born in Australia.

1991: Began practicing rope bondage.

2008: Begin to practising Japanese-style rope bondage based on images from books and the internet.

2010: Attended three day class with Go Arisue in Sydney.

2010: Established Naturally Twisted Co.

2010: First public rope performance at Sydney Hellfire Sydney.

2011: Attended Classes with Kinoko Hajime.

2011: Started the Sydney Rope Dojo to teach Shibari in Sydney.

2011: Oct. Interviewed and appeared in Skin Two issue 62.

2012: Oct 5-12. Performed at a celebration of London bondage beauty at Resistance Gallery.

2012: Sept 28. "Petit in Toubaku", KunKun, Tokyo.[1]

2012: Oct. Moved Sydney Rope Dojo to Leichhardt venue.

2013: Feb. Interviewed for Sang Bleu magazine.

2013: Oct 5-7. Japanese Rope Bondage Festival, Australia.[2]

2014: Mar 13. Certified as Yukimura Ryu teacher No. 7 with the student name Haru Isamu.

2014: Mar 15-18. Hosted Haruki Yukimura workshop at Sydney Rope Dojo.

2014: May. Interviewed for Something You Said.

2014: Oct 4-6. Sydney Rope Festival.[3]

2014: Aug. Hosted and studied with Nawashi Kanna.

2015: Aug. Taught and Performed at Shibaricon USA.

2015: Oct 26. Moved Sydney Rope Dojo to the third venue in Erskineville Sydney.

2016: Mar. Performed at The Sydney Tattoo and Body Art Expo.

2016: May. Taught at Bondage Expo Dallas.

2016: May. Taught and Performed at Sexpo Sydney and MBE Sydney.

Interesting point(s)

Hebari is an Australian based rope bondage artist working primarily in a Japanese style as a performer and educator.

Advocate of alternative sexualities and lifestyles.

Certified Advanced Industrial Rigger (Workcover NSW), Fashion Photographer (Getty, Wireimage, ImageMagic).

Selected Works


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