Hisashi Oda

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Oda (織田) family name, Hisashi (久) first name

Hisashi Oda


Kinbakushi. Owner of Jail SM bars.

Alternate Name(s)



Born in Kobe

Became involved as a student in the world of SM via the SM Circle Kobe Club.

In addition to management of SM bondage bars and clubs, produces SM shows.

Hosted Kansai ORY SM Circle.

Aug 1997, opened web version of Hisashi Oda SM Seminar.

1999 - Oct 11 2011, hosted Slave Mania web magazine.

1999, started the Doing red" series.

Nov 15 2000, starts the EXTREME LOVE web magazine.

2000 - Dec 31, 2008, S & M Sniper web magazine.

Jan 2 2001, published Pretty Rape Mania photobook.

Sept 2001 opened Roppongi Jail SM bar.

Selected Works


  • 羞恥と被虐の緊縛術 (Kinbaku Techniques Inducing Sense of Shame and Submission) (Sanwa Publishing, 2007)

Interesting point(s)

Characteristic use of moyimusubi (bowline) in shibaru technique.



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