Yukio Kanai

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Kanai (金井) family name, Yukio (行雄) first name

Yukio Kanai. Woman Suffering in Moonlight (1974)

Fictitional name created by Chimuo Nureki during his Uramado years.[1]


Kinbakushi, Photographer.

Alternate Name(s)



Yukio Kanai. From Woman Suffering in Moonlight SM King. Nov 1974
Yukio Kanai. From Woman Suffering in Moonlight SM King. Jan 1975

Interesting point(s)

“The name Yukio Kanai often appeared in photos as the person who created the photos, but at this time I don’t know who he actually was. So, he existed as the photographer, naturally, but who he was was unclear. However, in photos where he appears, there are traces that he should surely be Seiu.”[※ 1][1]

“He was connected to Seiu as the one who took the photos at fan photo gatherings either during Seiu’s lifetime or posthumously.”[1]

Selected Works


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Notes (※)

  1. Name given in orginal text is 晴雨調. The “調” is currently omitted until correct reading can be confirmed.”

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