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Zetsu, (male, 19xx-)


Amateur Kinbakushi and photographer active in Los Angeles. photographer.

Alternate Name(s)

Zetsu, Haruyutaka.


2007: Receives training from Steve Osada.

2008: Introduced by Steve Osada to Master "K", becoming his pupil.

2010: Together with Master "K" visits Chimuo Nureki, Go Arisue, Haruki Yukimura and Hiroshi Urado in Japan.

Nov 2012: Participates in photography workshops with Norio Sugiura.

Dec 12-19 2012: Together with Master "K" facilitates Haruki Yukimura workshops in the United States. Awarded the title of Second-class quasi-Shihan.

2013: Founds LA Rope Dojo with Master "K".

Oct 22-Nov 22 2013: Visits Japan together with Master "K" to assist with the revised Japanese translation of The Beauty of Kinbaku, receives training from Haruki Yukimura, and exhibits photographs at Master "K"'s KINBAKU: Form & Emotion exhibition, Shinjuku.

Oct 25 2013: Bestowed the title Haruyutaka by Haruki Yukimura.

Nov 1 2013: Certified trainer of Yukimura Ryū No.5 by Haruki Yukimura.

Jun 13-15 2014: Hosts Akira Naka performance and workshop at LA Rope Dojo. Model: Shizuki Iroha.

Oct 20 2014: Launches Kinbaku Today.

Nov 2014: Participates in the production of the music video of Come Unwound by the US rock group The Bulls at LA Rope Dojo with Master "K".

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