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Snapshot of early meeting (2005). Sugishita is at left and Nureki is at right

Kinbiken (Short for Kinbaku-bi Kenkyukai, meaning Bondage-Beauty Study Group) was an enthusiast photo group started by photographer Akio Fuji, kinbakushi Chimuo Nureki and model Naomi Sugishita.[1] Kinbiken was active from 1985-2009.[2]

Alternate Name(s)

緊美研 (Japanese), 緊縛美研究会 (Japanese), Naomi Sugishita's Club


1985: Kinbiken's first meeting was held on October 27, 1985[1] and started under the name Naomi Sugishita's Club.[1]

1986: The third meeting was held on February 2nd under the name "Bondage-Beauty Study Group."[1]

1998(c): Fuji Planning website launched.

2009: Held regular meeting #163 in May, #164 in July, and #165 in September.

2010: In November, members gathered for a "Kinbiken Special Meeting and Talk About Kinbaku."

2016: The first meeting of "Akira Naka's Bondage-Beauty Study Group" was held, organized by Yuri Sunohara. Oct 16 2016.

2018: Bondage-Beauty Study Group. Guest: Serina Komuro.

Interesting point(s)

2nd meeting (with Serina Komuro.) on December 1st, 1985. From Kinbiken News #1.

Due to illness, Naomi Sugishita stopped appearing after the second meeting.

Kinbiken News #1 says of the second meeting (1985), "The room was cold. Heating came from just two old fashioned oil stoves."

Kinbiken Videos

Series A

  • Raincoats and Rubber Boots (Fuji Planning, 1984?) Director: Chie Hirosaki.

Series B

Series C

  • C-01 Kinbaku Sailor Suit and Cutting Crotch Rope
  • C-02 Kinbaku Sailor Suit and Shame Torment of Pulling Up the Skirt
  • C-03 Kinbaku Tennis Apparel and Fondling an Underwear Clad Bottom
  • C-04 Female Prisoner Fundoshi Bondage and Merciless Crucifixion Torture
  • C-05 Kinbaku, Vinyl Coat and Black Rubber Raincoat
  • C-06 Gas Mask and Rubber Coat - Kinbaku Death Scene
  • C-07 Fundoshi Bottom Breaking Punishment and Kinbaku Sitting Legs-Crossed Tie
  • C-08 Kinbaku Gym Wear and Female Student Spanking
  • C-09 Fundoshi Party and Carnal Fundoshi Biting into a Beautiful Bottom
  • C-10 Nun Rope Torture and Corrupted Black Clothes Assault
  • C-11 Captivating Uniforms and Office Ladies Suffering Rope
  • Bound Female Student and Night Veranda Torture

Series K

Series N

Series O

Series P

Series Q

Series R

Series RB

Series S

Series W

GEN Series

LSD Series

Ladies Secret Distraction

FB Series

Kinbiken DVDs

  • Kinbaku-bi Series
  • Kinbaku Eros Series
  • Kinbaku Roman Series
  • Kinbaku Izumu Series
  • Rope and Gag Series
  • Female Seppuku Collection Series
  • Expectant and Nursing Mothers Kinbaku Series
  • Kinbaku Essense Series
  • Chimuo Nureki Kinbaku-bi Spin-off Series

Primary models who participated at Kinbiken

  • 扇まや
  • Aki Oomi
  • Shion Kasumi
  • Ayano Katsuragi
  • 加藤雅子
  • Tsubaki Kanda
  • 北野冬子
  • 久我山薫
  • Serina Komuro
  • 佐藤まゆみ
  • 佐藤由女
  • 沢戸冬木
  • 潮崎まき
  • 白鳥リカ
  • 進藤めぐみ
  • Yuri Sunohara
  • 高田美幸
  • Kyoko Nakamura
  • 中条奈保美
  • 中原恵美
  • 夏樹真鈴
  • 西尾ゆきほ
  • 西宮英子
  • 野口優子
  • 野崎紅緒
  • 広咲千絵
  • Satomi Fuji
  • 藤野裕花
  • Ruka Mikami
  • 水城紫乃
  • 三井彩
  • 南章子
  • 望月麻子
  • 山口香子
  • 雪代みき
  • 和田よしみ


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